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Positive Vibes

Thu Jun 7, 2018, 8:01 PM
Shamelessly swiped from Wildnature03. I wrote out a bunch of positive vibe thoughts a little while ago but have never been brave enough to post any of it. I'm in a sad place right now so maybe posting this stuff helps?

Rules are basic -
Star! This journal is to comment on the person themselves~ (not about art or fiction, etc).
Star! For each comment they receive, they can (or at least try) to say something nice about you (the one who commented).
Star! Remember, positivity~. If you don't know the person well, say something you think about, feel, or get inspired by... really, it can be anything as long as it is POSITIVE Heart.

Let's see how far this can go (here's hoping~, we need to have more positivity in life so help us out~).


Watching Stef grow from her really early days on dA to where she is now has been awesome. She’s always been what I think of as brave. Where I would leave something without a background, she put on in. Her art displays a great variety of poses and you can see the love and thought that goes into each image she puts up. She tries a lot of different, new things and its really cool to watch.

I know she’s been through a lot of rough stuff in the last few years, but somehow it hasn’t taken that amazing sparkle off her personality. I’m glad to have met this sweet lady and am proud to call her friend.


What to say about this tremendous goofball? Her art growth has also been crazy fun to watch, going from traditional to full on digital. I get a lot of enjoyment just watching her sketch in her streams, knowing that there’s no way I could do that. I just don’t have the skill to free hand on a tablet like that. I really admire all the work she’s put into her comic world

She’s really varied in her art: digital, pixel work, and her awesome comic.

She’s a really great person, even though I can be kind of obnoxious with my own art in her streams. (Sorry about that!) I don’t have a lot of people that I regard as friends, but she’s definitely one of them.


Hoo...boy. I’ve admired her since the super early days of the Sailormoon fandom. Sakky’s Senshi Circle was one of my most visited websites. Then I discovered the Tower of Time. Not gonna lie, I fangirled so hard when I found out Sakky was there. We eventually became friends and spent a lot of time talking in AIM and in her streams.

I’ve been following her stock account since its creation and it’s helped me so much.

Sakky is the most positive, loving, and encouraging person I know and I cherish her feindship so much.


Shuu is another person I’ve known for a long time. Her art was always cool to me, but looking at her newer stuff it’s almost like looking at a different artist.

I don’t know Shuu too well outside of the few RPGs we were in together which is a shame. She’s someone I feel like I should get to know better.


I haven’t known him for very long, but he seems really nice. I really enjoy his art from the cute to the really cool. I love how he draws skirts and clothing folds. Just...guh!


I can’t get over how much I love Mako’s art. I only wish I could draw guys half this well. I don’t catch all her streams, but the ones I get to are fantastic.

Like the GrinningCat, I haven’t known Mako for very long, but also seems like an awesome person who I want to get to know better.


I think you're a bright, creative person with a lot of different stories to tell. I don't know you as well as I should but I'm glad I know you at least a little.

  • Playing: DragonAge Inquisition

Book Give away

Sun Jun 3, 2018, 6:34 PM
With the recent release of 'Children of the Fox' I thought I'd do something fun. I'm going to raffle off a complete set of my 'Children of An'katerr' e-books and a bunch of other fun things.

Book giveaway


Grand Prize Package

Digital copies of all An’katerr novels

All short stories and drabbles 

High resolution book cover art

High resolution map

Comic .pdfs

Character bios

The Myths of An’katerr (previously unreleased)


Runner up

Digital copies of all An’katerr novels

High resolution map

All short stories and drabbles

More prizes could be added later depending on participation


 How to enter:

- watcher? 1 point

- like this journal: 1 point

- quiz answers: 1 point each

- share/promote: 2 points

- gem screen shots: 1 point each

- write a review of any of my books here:… (10 points each)


1. What colour of shirt is Chounen usually seen wearing?

2. What is Sahiren’s weapon?

3. What kind of background does Nalshen come from?

4. Kal Berash is the patron of which country?

5. Nuren is originally from which country?

6. People from Shanshiire are called what?

7. Karath is the capital of what country?

8. What shape are Doval’s Sacred Gems?

9. Who is the Water Sage?

10. What is Shinjaloye’s job?



Image gallery scavenger hunt

There are a number of gems hidden in the description of An’katerr images. Each screenshot of a gem is worth 1 point. The screenshot needs to show both the gem and the title of the image where you found it.
Look for this image in the description:

Sg Button by purenightshade


  • Playing: DragonAge Inquisition


I can also be found at

Current Residence: Canada, eh?
Favourite genre of music: anything but gospel
Favourite style of art: CLAMP
Operating System: Windows 7
Favourite cartoon character: Sailorstarhealer
Personal Quote: It's not jumping the shark if you never come down.


Designing boots for male characters is going to be the death of me one of these days.
Coral is something I never thought I'd ever draw and it turns out that it's really hard to do.
Putting subtle hints into my novels to see if anyone catches on. one of my favourite writing things.

If you could buy merch for any of my original projects, what would be your preference? 

1 deviant said Stars of Destiny
1 deviant said Keverynn
1 deviant said Children of An'katerr (webcomic)
No deviants said Angels of the Night
No deviants said All of them!


Painted Chibis
I'm offering a limited run on chibi characters. These pieces will be painted on 8x10 white canvas panels. These canvases can be framed or have a string or ribbon attached to the back to hang it straight on the wall. Should you choose the latter option, I'm happy to attach the medium of your choice at no extra cost. For frames, I'm reluctant to ship anything framed, plus it jumps the cost of shipping up higher than I'd like, so I won't be offering that option at this time. Sorry.

Worldwide shipping is available at no extra charge.

A background colour is optional, but may make things more difficult. Stencil work as shown above is easy to work with.

Fan characters, original characters (right hand image as per example), and fan art (left hand image for example) are all acceptable subject matters. For more detailed info please refer to my Commission policies.

I'm only taking 3 slots at the moment but if there's enough demand I'll open more.
Want some cheeky art of your character? Then this is for you?

Not just for Sailormoon characters. I just happened to only have senshi butts available as an example.
Page me
Want a super cute page doll? These are on special right now!



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