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Anime style art over the years by purenightshade Anime style art over the years by purenightshade
This idea is pretty much shamelessly copied from iLantiis. She had posted something like this over on SMAU with a much larger copy in her DA gallery. I thought it was a great idea and was more or less encouraged to do the same. What I didn't realize at the time was that going through roughly 20 years of art was going to take as long as it did. While I've only been on DA for a decade (almost), I've been drawing stuff since elementary school. I hit on anime stuff in junior high and while I don't have much of that stuff around anymore (or scanned into my computer) I still have a fair amount. Even if you factor in the large periods of time when I was going through realism and pixeling phases, there's still a crap ton of stuff to sift through and not all of it is good. At one point, I had to go back into my old backup CDs to find some of these images as they aren't on my desktop or external hard drive or even on my website for some reason.

It's very easy to see where my art went forward and where it took a huge step backwards. As I was going through my gallery, I noticed this block of time where I did a lot of edits and it hurt my drawing a lot. It's not something I would have noticed before a few years ago. This is the first time I've gone digging this far back into my gallery like this in a very, very long time. It's really funny watching myself recover from that phase in my 'art'. Yes, editing was fun, but oh wow did that hurt me. I have to wonder what my art would look like today if that phase hadn't happened. Do I regret it? No, because it was fun in its own way and there were some things (good and bad) that I learned from it.

As the years moved closer to 2014, it got harder and harder to find anime style pieces that weren't chibis. This is really noticeable in the last couple years. The only anime style art I've done in the last couple years is of my otaku senshi and even that is getting really sparse. I've done exactly one anime style non chibi piece this year and it doesn't exist anywhere in my gallery or in digital copy. It was a commission at Animethon ad I didn't take the time to get a photograph of it before I handed it off to the client. 

I have a lot of otaku senshi. If in doubt, I would refer to you my otaku senshi master post that I made a while back. There are a lot of them. I chose these ones in particular as milestones in my creative process.
1996 - Sailor Justice was my first ever otaku senshi and was such an incredibly self-insert Mary Sue it hurt. She later became Guardian Starlove. Miocci pretty much stayed as he was.
1997 - With Justice's revamp into Starlove, she needed a team. I wasn't really a big fan of the mini skirts to be honest but I really liked the Starlights fukus. So my Guardians all got fukus like theirs just to be different. Starfire was the first one I made from this team.
1998 - Sailor Stardancer and Sailorstardreamer were two members of the Guardians's team that I still can't tell apart even to this day and I'm the idiot who made them. I gave them Sol fukus for a reason that I've long since forgotten.
2002 - This was the year that Sailordraco was born and a good chunk of her team. Lyra, Polaris, and Aquila joined her as well. Possibly Perseus, too.
2003 - Ophiuchus was created this year. She was always very important to me for some reason. She looks very similar to every other Constellation senshi, but I think this was the point at which I figured out why they all had Sol fukus and that was huge for me even though it didn't make its way into the story until years later.
2005 - This was when Byakko came into being for an RPG run by shuu-bunni. After it fell through, she migrated into another one and then into her own story, spawning the creation of the other Ssu-Ling senshi. This might not sound big, but this marks a departure from the Sol fuku and Byakko becomes important to another project I'm working on. So I'm glad for her existence. Also, without her, I might not have ever created the Elysium RPG and all its associated characters and 'Stars of Destiny' might be a very different story without that setting.
2007 - According to my records, this is when Phaeton was born. Somehow, she's become my signature senshi and that amuses me. I love her dearly, but it's still puzzling to me how that happened. Baraquiel was included in this year as my first and last attempt to create an angelic senshi. Uranus there was created for another of Shuu's RPGs. This was the second run of it, but this was my first attempt to do an armored fuku and I love it.
2014 - And that brings us to this, Sailorquetzalcoatl, my senshi for the Dwarf-Alliance group. It was an interesting challenge to create a character from a different ethnic background and try to make one with a complex design.

Sailorkeverynn - despite her big ass wings, I love her to bits
Super Sailorophiuchus - how can you say no to that skirt?
Sailoryavin - this is a redesign but it's just so awesome
Sailorphaeton - it's all in the shoes
The Guardians (Starlove, Starfire, Starlight, Starsinger) - Remember Starfire from above? At one point I decided that they needed original fukus and this is what happened to them.
Sailoruranus - This is what the Uranus from above used to look like before I redesigned her to have armor instead. I still really love the fuku though.
SailorBluetiger - She was intended as a joke but she's become kind of a silly mascot senshi for me. She's cut such a cute, playful design.

This stuff is kind of all over the place but you can clearly see the change from when I started doing them to where I am now and the small changes in the middle.
QTZephyr Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Super cool!
iLantiis Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love this! You did an awesome job! And yeah it is HORRIBLE to go through so much art lol
purenightshade Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014
Especially when not all of it exists in your dA gallery and not everything in your gallery was uploaded in chronological order. I've got stuff that I drew in high school that I uploaded in 2004 and up. Makes for a very confusing time.
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